Conference Theme
Enacting Unbounded Collaboration and Evolutionary Development for Glocal Eco-Communities—A New Paradigm of Public Engagement
 National Taiwan Normal University
International Society for Systems Sciences
July 21-22, 2013 

    The environment and society co-exist as grounded in an inseparable integrated system. Its basis, the social environmental system, subsumes the various aspects of social and environmental thinking. Furthermore, it advocates mutual respect, accomodation and growth, which also represents the essence behind Eastern and Western wisdom traditions. This idea has been a critical issue inquired in the western systems science in the past decades. The 2013 ISEE conference invites scholarly dialogues on ways through which to reverse the vicious cycle of social and environmental deterioration through both formal and non-formal education, of which process is framed Social Environmental Education (SEE). We hope that such realization can come into attention in various countries and transform into a beneficial relation for both the society and environment.

    The 2013 International conference on Social Environmental Education for an emerging Eco-Civilization will not only serve as a mechanism for integrating social education and environmental education, but also regards them as an integral system that co-emerges and reciprocates. It will be a brand new form and essence of our collective SEE. The conference is made possible through the collective effort of three NTNU departments: Department of Adult & Continuing Education, Graduate Institute of Environmental Education, Office of International Affairs, and the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS). The organizers expect this collective effort to bear dialogues and practices between international and local scholarly forces, namely the ISSS and the ISEE. Collectively we hope to contribute to engaging public participation and increasing social capacity building for both sustainable eco-civilization and green social innovation.

    The two-day international conference will present one keynote session and three plenary sessions featuring different international experts on their respective themes, as well as fifty paper presentations and case analysis by the green practitioners. Following the conference, there will be a collective dialogue on “Green Social Innovation” with the participation of sixty representative governmental officials, industry leaders, eco-civilization practitioners, domestic social entrepreneurs and conference presenters. It also calls for participation from local and international experts, practitioners, and researchers. The four-hour collective dialogue session will be focusing on synergetic praxis of Social Environmental Education (SEE), social capacity building and green social innovation initiatives. We anticipate the outcomes of this conference to benefit the industrial economies and facilitate the development of prosperous social culture in the world.